How should I drink your coffee?

Our coffee is ready to drink; no need to wait for a cup to brew. Shake gently and chill for best taste and quality.

Are your coffees dairy free?

Yes! Our coffees are made with oat milk.

I see your coffees are made with oat milk. Are they suitable for vegans?

Unfortunately, no. We include hydrolyzed collagen, an animal by-product, in our coffees. 

How are your coffees sweetened?

We use all natural, organic cane sugar. No artificial sweeteners here!

Why should I try Headspace? Isn’t regular coffee good enough?

We get it! Regular coffee is great but Headspace coffee is something more—we’re the good mood brew. We wanted to take regular coffee and help it do more for you. Beyond the energizing effects of caffeine, we include adaptogens that will help support brain health, balance mood, reduce stress, and improve focus and memory. Try one (or all!) of our delicious flavors today to experience the power of Headspace.

Where can I find your products?

You can order from our website to be delivered straight to you. Check back here for an updated list of stores as we add more locations.